DDF Busty presents: Hey there, What’s up? I’m Simi and I just moved to Prague from a small village just about an hour away up north. I’m so happy to be living here and out on my own it’s what I’ve always wanted, now I can do what I want and there’s nobody here to say. You see I’m very sexy and horny girl, and now that I’m living here in Prague, I’ve been having th... show more

e best time of my life, doing all the thing I’ve only been able to dream of. I hooked up with this guy that lives in my building, he’s been checking me out ever since I moved in. I’ve been teasing him and making him wait, sometimes I let him watch me getting dressed even though he thinks I don’t see him peek. Last week I played with my big boobs and fingered my pussy with my window wide open, just so he could also hear me moan and scream. Tonight I was feeling really horny so I got on my bed in his plan few I started rubbing and playing with my tits then when I knew he was watching I called him on his phone. I asked him if he liked watching me and if he wanted to cum down and play, when he asked how I got his number, I told him it was written on a note in the closet that read the guy upstairs likes to watch. He told me about three years ago he fucked a girl that lived in this same flat and when he told her he would watch her before they met she got really upset. It’s a trip how certain things work out but before I let him fuck me I made him stand in the corner and watch. I got on the bed up on my knees rubbing my big tits and body all over, I pulled down my bra rubbing and playing with my tits licking them then my finger teasingly rubbing it on my sensitive nipples. I rubbed and squeezed my big pillowy boobs then slowly took off my bra, watching Tomas stroke his thick cock up and down as I played with my jugg’s with my bra. I tossed him my bra and he gave it a sniff then he came over to the bed. I began licking and sucking his long hard cock then he started pumping it in and out of my mouth. I leaned back and he started playing with my tits, rubbing, squeezing and shaking them all around. He held his hard cock in his hand and slapped my tit and nipple then he pulled my forward and I wrapped my boobs right around. 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